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Atascosa County Court at Law

For court questions, call

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Bob Brendel

Cindy Lewis Spicer
Court Reporter

Margie Ripple
Court Administrator


Find the court date and click on the style for a PDF file of the docket.

Please note, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the docket files. If you do not have it, you can click here to download it for free from Adobe.

12/10/19 Civil/Family/Probate
12/16/19 Civil/Family/Probate
12/17/19 Civil/Family/Probate
12/19/19 Pre-trial/MTR/ Arraignments
01/6/20 Civil/Family/Probate
1/7/20 Civil/Family/Probate
1/9/20 Pre-trial/ARR/MTR
1/13/20 Civil/Family/Probate
1/14/20 Jury Docket Call
1/16/20 Arraignments/Pretrial/MTR
1/21/20 Civil/Family/Probate
1/27/20 Civil/Family/Probate
1/28/20 Civil/Family/Probate
1/30/20 MTR/Arraignments
2/3/20 Jury Trial
2/10/20 Civil/Family/Probate
2/11/20 Civil/Family/Probate
2/13/20 Pre-trial
2/18/20 Civil/Family/Probate
2/20/20 Pre-trial
2/26/20 Civil/Family/Probate
2/27/20 MTR/Arraignment
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Atascosa County Court at Law
#1 Courthouse Circle Dr.
Suite 205
Jourdanton, Texas 78026
Phone: 830-769-4232
Email: mripple@accl-tx.org

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