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Atascosa County Court at Law

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Bob Brendel

Gina May
Court Reporter

Margie Ripple
Court Administrator

General Information

Contacting The Judge

Please understand that the judge cannot talk to you about your case. This is called an ex-parte communication and is prohibited by ethical rules that the Court must follow. Court staff also cannot talk with you other than to discuss settings and then only if you are representing yourself. If you are represented by an attorney, the staff will speak only with your attorney.

Legal Advice

None of the information on this site or referenced by this site gives legal advice or makes a comment on any legal matter which is or possibly could one day be pending in this Court. Neither the judge nor the court staff can answer any legal questions for you.

What's NOT On This Website

The following information is NOT contained on this web site:

  • legal advice
  • jail or inmate information
  • pleadings or other specific case info
  • names of any attorney/lawyer

Jury Duty

Visit our Jury Duty page for status and information.

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Atascosa County Court at Law
1405 Campbell Ave., Ste. 104
Jourdanton, Texas 78026
Phone: 830-769-4232
Email: mripple@accl-tx.org

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